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Hi there,

I'm convinced fear is the only thing keeping us from doing whatever it is that we actually want to do: fear of the unknown... of failure... the fear of being 'found out'... sound familiar? 

At the beginning of this year, I planned a week-long trip to Nashville, TN around a music production conference. I booked an RV because it's something I'd always wanted to do. 

My week-in-Nashville trip is actually happening this week, so I'm writing you from an RV about 25 minutes south of the city... on a list of "life choices" this ranks among my favorite.

So during the production conference, I sat in on a workshop with Linda Perry who embodies fearlessness in every way. With just one glimpse of Linda's hat, I knew that she was special.

Linda asked us to throw out 3 chords, picked up a guitar and starting making up a song on the spot about nothing in particular. She played with fervor and didn't second-guess herself.

Setting down the guitar, she said the key is: "I don't care what you guys think about me." 

I could have stood up to clap but played it cool... how freeing! I think, a lot of times, we look to other people for an answer & we fixate on the metrics (#'s & the $'s) instead of the music.

Without the music, there's no marketing! If you're afraid your dreams are too big or perhaps your metrics aren't big enough, why not wind it back and focus on the fun part today? 

All the fear, frustration, royalty %'s that don't add up... maybe it's time to pick up your guitar. 



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1. If you have a release coming up & want your listeners to hear your songs on the platform of their choice, one link is easier than 5+ links - song.link is a free all-in-one solution. 

2. Gotta love a good emoji reference.  If you're writing an email but want to keep it casual, messaging a friend but want to add some emotion... emojipedia has your back. 

3. Your font choices can say a lot about you - our go-to's are Futura & any legible cursive font ... there may be a font out there that speaks to you. Go find it! 

4. Is it just us or is the internet flooded with memes, GIFs and pop-culture references we can't escape? If you can't beat em, go find a free GIF that suits you... and join em.

5. Who said music is just for humans? If you're looking to get creative with your sounds, or if you're just looking to kill about 2 minutes, this is a video of animals with autotune.

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Would it be a smart idea to find a label or manager or should I try on my own first and try to find a following first?

The Marketing Mixtape: 
I heard a good quote the other day that may be applicable: your path is the right path.

From what I know about labels (& managers!), your best beginnings involve creating and doing as much as you can on your own with the skills, resources & tools available to you.

Labels & managers often work for royalties, which means they'll take a % of revenue to justify their involvement -- in order to work with someone in that way, the goal is then to find your best approach to bringing in revenue as an artist (some of the most common/popular ones are gigging, streaming, licensing, merch at shows, etc.). Here is a fun reference: https://diymusician.cdbaby.com/musician-tips/101-ways-to-make-money-as-a-musician/

Music downloads aren't a huge source of revenue for anyone these days because music consumption is free for fans in many places (thanks Spotify!) so it means every musician has to be a bit more creative as a business owner. It can be a true hustle so having a tribe (not necessarily a manager at first) is critical - your support system and others who just get it will be huge assets and allies as you go! 

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