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Hi there,

As I've been thinking about this newsletter and what to say to you guys so you don't unsubscribe  ...there's one word I can't stop thinking about and it's this: time. 

For me, I'm pretty (okay, extremely) deadline-driven, so I work best when I feel like I know what I'm working towards; with a date in mind, I'll usually set time aside to be sure I'm on it. 

What happens though, of course, is that sometimes 'life' things happen & affect the "perfect" plans I've made. This requires a quick recalibration, which can be mitigated with buffer time. 

Here's the thing, you guys -- making time for the to-do's is not always the problem (to-do's are part of life). The problem, I think, is when we forget to make time for the really fun stuff. 

Back in grad school, I discovered a mini life hack to avoid back-to-back meetings for class projects: I blocked out time by calling a "meeting" for things I wanted to do, just because. 

What if - among our best-laid-plans - we set time aside to make our favorite things a priority?

This weekend, as you think about what's coming up in June, I hope you'll think about the things in life that make it worth living! Music is a given. What else will make your to-do list?

<3 Whit 


-links we love-

1. Ever try to schedule a meeting with 3+ people? Not easy... we use Doodle for big group project meetings to help minimize the back-and-forths. 5 out of 5 stars! 

2. Did you know music can actually help you become a safer driver? Learn more about the perks of music in this Lifehack article, 15 Amazing Benefits of Listening to Music

3. If you're part of a band (esp. if you spearhead organization), you might wonder if there are free ways manage complex projects. For the ones with a bunch of steps, try Trello

4. Are you easily distracted by new email notifications? ... only me? Check out Inbox Pause by Boomerang to set up your emails on a pre-set schedule. It's kinda fun! 

5. If you've ever been to a live jazz event, you know what it's like to unwind and take it easy... with this live playlist stream, you can bring the coffee jazz music vibes home. 

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One of our favorite ways to team up with musicians is by soundboarding questions, thoughts & ideas through emails! We guarantee we'll listen & respond with resources, insight or ideas.

Below is a real soundboarding exchange in case it can help inspire your music journey, too!


I'm looking to launch a single next month and I'm not sure where to start. Help? 

The Marketing Mixtape: 
One of the best first places to start is to set goals for what you hope to see happen through your release. How do you define success? Is it "streams" ... "views" on a video ... messages & comments from fans saying it's helping them, etc.? The better you can define your 'vision,' the easier next steps become.

Describing your "Vibe" is another good place to begin -- this can help inspire branding materials (your website, social media pages, etc.) - think of this all as the 'first impression' stuff. If someone didn't know you (but found you through your music or an article), what would be their walkaway? Is it currently what you want it to be? What's needed to get it there? 

You mentioned a release in one month, which is good so long as you feel like you have time to do and line up the things you want to do & line up before then. 

If you picture having a PR campaign behind your single release (whether DIY or if someone else does it), we recommend allowing ~6+ weeks to get branding ducks in a row, build a media list & send emails 3-4 weeks before your release date (journalists need time to write it!). Something to keep in mind! 

IN SUMMARY ... my recommendation for your "Next Best Steps" are to:
-Set goals (short term) for your upcoming release
-Consider what you want to do for this release and how much time it might take
-Pick a release date that allows room for you to plan for your goals so you have time (NOTE: you're not accountable until you announce!) 
-Describe your VIBE & make sure your visuals (photos/videos) give the first impression you want fans to have 
-Soundboard, obviously ;)  

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6/6 - Music in the Garden Series: Jun 6th Deau Eyes, Jun 20th Paulo Franco

6/8 - POST RVA FEST at The Broadberry

6/14WKNDR & Moosetrap at Hardywood
6/22 - Minor Poet EP Release at The Broadberry with The Wimps and Hotspit
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