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You know one of the toughest things about the internet? When it comes to building a loyal fan base, we can't 'buy' likes, support, followers or proof that success is just one click away. 

If you've ever filled out an Artist Assessment form on our website, you may have answered the question: "What do you want your music career to take you?" It can be tough to answer. 

Over the years, we've received all kinds of responses, from "the Grammys" to "a sold-out tour" & "inspiring the masses," which seem to all tie back to forming meaningful connections.

One of the reasons I believe in the power of branding and promotions is because it's an opportunity to connect the dots between what has been created & people who will love it. 

And while none of us can buy loyal fans, stardom or a "lifelong success" warrantee (although that would be kind of rad...), we are in full control of the content we choose to create next. 

No matter what stage of the journey you're in, I hope March brings inspiration your way! 



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1. Ever create a video but can't get it to upload to your social pages? If you haven't discovered Cloud Convert, consider it your new best friend for converting file types.

2. Speaking of videos, there's an easy way to pair audio & visual material from the comfort of your cell phone! While there are a bunch of options, we recommend SPLICE.

3. Did you catch the Grammys? If you want to catch some of the inspiration highlights, this article in PEOPLE shares some of the most heartwarming quotes of the night.

4. If you work from home, freelance or are self-employed, keeping schedule boundaries may be a daily struggle! Calendly is a great tool to help you stay in control.  

5. Music business can feel so serious... & laugher is one of the best remedies. For comic relief, take a quick break to watch this clip on the Top 10 Funniest Music Videos. 

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One of our favorite ways to team up with musicians is by soundboarding questions, thoughts & ideas through emails! We guarantee we'll listen & respond with resources, insight or ideas.

Below is a real soundboarding exchange in case it can help inspire your music journey, too!

What else could we do to expose our music online to build our fanbase?  What other wisdom could you provide us to be successful (doing this for a living) as we build our brand?

The Marketing Mixtape: 
What else could we do to expose our music online to build our fan base? 
  • Cross-promotions (with other bands, brands, venues, etc.) are an effective way to build your following online! If you play a show with another band, if you completely dig a local ice cream shop and it suits your brand's vibe somehow... if there's a particular "page" that has helped inspire your journey, I would encourage you to @tag them through your social media channel - in addition to building community, there's a chance they'll see it, repost it and/or engage with you! If they repost, that's free promotion. 
  • Playlist Placement - seek playlists online (I recommend YouTube + SoundCloud to start!) with bigger followings in your genre, to help expose your key target audiences to discover your music. Search for these playlists using key search terms (ex. "indie acoustic playlist"), then find the curator... and see if you can figure out how to submit your song - usually by email. This is harder for Spotify playlists + requires SEO strategy from my experience, but this video is my favorite one about this: https://show.co/jZTBgf6 - we coach on this! 
  • Public Relations - exposure to new audiences through third party endorsements (press) is great because it WORKS. If you land a feature in a publication that your target audience reads, that's instant exposure + credibility, assuming the source is good and has a following. Similar to playlist strategy, you can find these folks by searching for articles about similar topics/genres... see who wrote it, and turn yourself into a detective until you find their email. There are strategic ways to send an email so they'll get opened - this is something we coach bands about how to do! 
  • Test Social Media Content -- look at bands you love and see what THEY do online to engage fans - try it out in your own way, and unique style. It's not stealing if you make it yours; it's inspiration! See how different content types perform for your audience, and do more of what actually works.
What other wisdom could you provide us to be successful (doing this for a living) as we build our brand? 
  • Why - take out a piece of paper (after you read this email), and write down WHY you're doing this. There will be days you forget, and days it gets hard, and days you can't believe you're even bothering... know your WHY as a way to help you to keep going.
  • Learn - stay on top of strategies & trends by learning from people in the industry who get it, and who are credible. I've listed a few of my favorite blogs + resources  below. I'd encourage you to "subscribe" or "follow" the ones you like & trust the most. 
  • Community - network, network, network. Meet others at events, gigs, and in communities online like Facebook groups (in your genre or with same general interests) - engage in those groups, and connect with others who are striving to do what you are. Learn from them.
  • Advice - seek out folks who have done what you want to do! Ask for advice - never be afraid to ask for advice. Humility goes a long way.
  • Consistency - build your audience by doing your thing really well. Get good at what you love to do. If it's podcasting, learn how to make it better every go-around. Keep going, keep improving, and keep comparing yourself to yourself, only... don't get derailed by the doors that are opening for other people.
  • Discipline - block out time, like it's a meeting, to prioritize what needs to get done. For one band, we decided Tuesdays 6-8 p.m. was his time to work on band stuff (he works full time!). Put it in your calendar or on a sticky note and treat it like it matters (it does!).
  • Take risks & Test - effective marketing strategy is all about testing and learning. It's the same way for music as it is for a small businesses. Test and learn from what you try out - if it gets you closer to your goal, keep going and improving. If it seems like a total waste of time, there's a chance it might be... so pivot & try something else. :) 
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