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We hear a lot about chasing dreams, but is anyone talking about what to do once we actually catch them...? I've been thinking about this recently & want to muse on it with you for a sec. 

If you knew me this time last year, I was about to take one of the biggest risks in my career: leaving a full-time, 40(ish)-hours-a-week job to pursue my dream of taking The Marketing Mixtape on, full-time. The turning point, for me, came when my supervisor noticed my exhaustion at work, asked why I had been running late... and dashing out so early every day.

Truth be told, I was coaching bands during my lunch break & evenings, meeting producers on the weekends and working until I couldn't keep my eyes open... because I totally loved it.

Realizing signs of burnout, it was time to make a choice - keep a steady job (that I generally liked!), or pursue my dream of running The Marketing Mixtape full-time. Guess what I did? 

... I panicked, obviously. And then I made a pros & cons list, because I had no clue what to do.

Looking at both options, I realized the potential reward of "jumping" was much greater than the potential risk of staying where I was; in a lot of ways, that thought was more unsettling. 

I don't have words for how good this past year of 'dream chasing' has been. What's funny is that once I actually "caught" the dream, it continued to evolve, change and get even bigger.

After "catching" one, I wonder if our dreams are the destination or just a checkpoint. No matter where you've set your sights this year, I dare you to do whatever it takes to get there.



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1. Okay, here's a steal. If you're looking for an easy way to spruce up your show posters (on the cheap!), go get lost pursuing free concert poster templates on PosterMyWall. 

2. Do you DIY? I recently struck gold by discovering this "free icons and PNG images" website that provides exactly what you might expect: free icons and PNG images.

3. Content needs are CONSTANT - I'm a DIY designer, myself. If you're looking for easy ways to class up your music brand online, don't underestimate what Canva can do.  

4. If you're easily distracted (...only me?), consider this live lofi hip hop radio station. I mean, what's cuter than a sleepy raccoon drinking coffee in bed on a snowy day? 

5. Good chance you've been thinking about Spotify Playlist strategies, amiright? Here's an article written by an "unknown indie artist" who tested 2 strategies that worked.
One of our favorite ways to team up with musicians is by soundboarding questions, thoughts & ideas through emails! We guarantee we'll listen & respond with resources, insight or ideas.

Below is a real soundboarding exchange in case it can help inspire your music journey, too!

We’ve booked a few gigs recently and would like to promote them via social media channels. What’s the best target audience to aim for when we push a promotion like this?

The Marketing Mixtape: 
Great question! I've seen success with facebook event pages for a show, with details in the description that include a link to listen to bands in the lineup and buy tix, if there's a cover. 

Once you've made an events page, you can promote it through a paid advertisement using demographic info (age range + gender) based on observations either at past shows and/or "facebook insights" (go to your facebook page, insights tab at the top, and then to the people tab for this data).

For location, you'll want to include keywords that target fans in your location (city/state), and for interests, pick the relevant genre(s) + bands you sound like. Ideally, if you target well, you'll be able to identify someone who listens to your type of music enough that they'd catch a glimpse of your band's vibe, and be interested in learning more about the upcoming gig.

I would test promotions using $5 at a time to be safe, not to exceed $25 - "small bets" is the name of the game when it comes to paid advertising, from my experience. Test, learn, and test your ad based on what seems to work best.

Here is a link to an original article about paid advertising, specifically on Facebook, in case it's helpful: https://diymusician.cdbaby.com/music-promotion/online-advertising-tips-for-musicians/

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