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Show of hands -- who's releasing a song for the holidays?! We've enjoyed seeing bands add their own flair to holiday classics and even write new ones of their own. Kudos to ALL of you!

With so many holiday songs playing everywhere I go lately, I'm reminded of the question so many bands ask about music in general: "... how can I stand out?" Two of the most effective action items I've seen bands do well are 1. Create a unique vibe & 2. Take creative risks. 

When it comes to creating a unique vibe, you can look for clues about what sets your band apart - these might live within your visuals (SIGHT!), in your music (SOUND!) or in the journey that led you where you are (STORY!). As for taking creative risks? An easy place to start is to see what other bands are doing... then either do the opposite or re-imagine it with your vibe.

Ultimately, the best way to 'stand out' is to stop trying to 'fit in,' while staying true to you! No matter what this season brings, may it be filled with good vibes & a dash of creativity. 


P.S. If you're releasing new music in 2019, have you heard about our 2-day crash course, Right On Track? Branding essentials, promo strategy (yes, playlists too!) & alllll the coffee.


-links we love-

1. Enjoy a revived hymn, "Hallelujah (Emmanuel)," written by Jessica Sirls, Zachary Loomis and John Hartley and featured on the front page of CCM Magazine.  

2. Celebrate the season with new versions of songs you know & love! Sing along to Colin & Caroline's acoustic version of "Sleigh Ride" on Spotify's Acoustic Hits Playlist. 

3. Tune out the holiday rush for a sec with a music podcast! If you're not sure where to start, here's a list of podcasts from Pigeons & Planes to get you going.

4. See why "PopDust" called Olivia Castriota's single, "Kills Me," "an incandescent emotional beast of a song that cuts close to home for anyone who has ever had a broken heart." 

5. Kick back with a music documentary on Netflix! If you loved "When A Star Is Born," or just want a real-life glimpse of music industry life, Five Foot Two will not disappoint. 
When it comes to making connections with fans, our buddy Nick knows what's up! We're featuring Nick this month & invite you to get to know him better - you'll be glad you did. 

Nick's vibe: 
My vibe is bluesy guitar-based pop electronic. You'll find me hanging out somewhere between the sounds of Eric Clapton, Lauv and John Mayer. 

Where Nick finds inspiration: 
I find inspiration in learning and growth. I can't get enough of moving forward. Whether that growth is in production, writing, performing or growing the fan base, there's always an infinite amount potential to move forward. That, to me, is incredibly inspiring.

Nick's advice for musicians: 
My goal has always been to write things worth being heard and to be heard. If that's your goal then you have to treat every interaction as if it's with a friend. Is it realistic to keep track of ten, one hundred or even a thousand different conversations on Instagram or Facebook messenger? No, but you have to do it anyway. 

Get to know Nick: 
The best way to follow my music story would be to listen to my new single "Bruise." (available everywhere) and to follow me on Twitter and Instagram @NickFaulconer and also on Facebook: Nick Faulconer. Check out my Facebook "events" tab and come hear me live!
-come hang-
12/1 - People’s Blues of Richmond at The Broadberry
12/2 - Justin Goulden at The Camel
12/9 - Alex Mejias: Kingdom Land Album Release Concert w/ Resound & Lowland Hum
12/14 - The Final Second Friday with South Hill Banks w.s.g. Erin and the Wildfire at The Camel
12/15 - The South Hill Snowdown
12/15 - So Far Sounds
12/22 - The Congress w/Kenneka Cook
12/26 - Mitchel Evan “Nostalgia" Album Release Show, Pt. 1
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