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In case you missed the memo, 2019 is here!!! Have you made new years resolutions for your music journey?! Whether you're planning to write, release or record, inspiration is essential.

One of the most common questions I hear from musicians is: "What do I do next?" That question comes, at least for me, when I'm overwhelmed by the options or unsure of what I actually want.
For moments where I just need inspiration, I've found it helps to look at my history (what's worked well for me in the past?), researching a "brand crush" (who's killing it & how?)... and, often, just by stepping away from the task at hand so inspiration has time to find

I'm not sure what you have planned for the new year, but I have a feeling you have what it takes to make this year memorable. May inspiration guide you in your journey! 



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One of our favorite ways to team up with musicians is by soundboarding questions, thoughts & ideas through emails! We guarantee we'll listen & respond with resources, insight or ideas.

Below is a real soundboarding exchange in case it can help inspire your music journey, too!

"I have a question about record companies. If there is a specific company i would love to work with, so I reach out to them? What does “getting signed” mean exactly, and how do you get that to happen etc.? If i reach out to a company, I assume I would end up paying them to record, right?"

The Marketing Mixtape: 
Regarding record labels, the truth is that is varies from label to label.

For this reason, research is a good starting point - search labels in/around your home base if you're interested in a local label and see who's working with bands similar to your sound or in your genre. You can also look at bands (similar to you!) & see who they're with, through some light research (i.e. Facebook "About" section, Website "Contact" section, Google...).

Getting "signed" means a label enters a contract with a band, on terms they have to sign off about, surrounding what they'll do for a band and what they expect in return (usually $ or royalties, which are a % of sales). Some labels will give bands an 'advance' which is $ for things they want to do (production, music video, publicity, etc.). 

Indie/local labels will often handpick locals based on their personal music preferences - how they help a band will vary widely by who's on the team, what they can do, their bandwidth, etc. Bigger labels (Capitol, Atlantic, etc.) are looking for an existing flame to grow - they're looking for numbers that show "market viability" or the promise of recurring revenue for the label... think: sales, streams, anything that goes 'viral' but that can also sustain momentum, with signs fans are engaged and invested. 

I'm always an advocate of working on every task as though it matters, doing the best you can right where you are -- the best way for a label to notice is generally to position your music/brand to get noticed in places they might be scouting new talent (live venues, playlists, publications, even YouTube) and just making the best thing you can possibly make with the resources you have, now.

If you're unsure what labels are out there, as I mentioned - research! "A&R" is the department at a label that scouts for new bands. This is a resource that might offer some ideas about labels & industry contacts -- https://www.musicconnection.com/industry-contacts/ -- I might look at the A&R list, and dive into the various labels & who they have on their roster, if you want to learn more. 

Hope this helps a bit! 

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